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Number in the past inventory 2837

Number in the current inventory 21


Age: beginning of the twentieth century

Creator: /

Materials: Cast iron, copper, iron

Size: (390x165x130) mm

State of conservation: Good

Information: From the information contained in the old inventory register, found in the school, the instrument is said to have been added to the inventory with the number 2837 on 26th June 1928 priced at 750 liras.

Description: The instrument consists of a rectangular base made of cast iron, on which the yoke of the scales rests. The yoke has arms of the same length and a knife which goes through its fulcrum. At equal distance from the fulcrum there are two knives fixed in the arms. A complex system of suspension allows the barycenter of the loads on the pans to pass through the midpoint of the respective knives and the weight force to be directed perpendicularly to the knives themselves. The pans are supported by two bars, one perpendicular to the other, which articulate with the yoke of the scales. Those which are turned towards the central knife hold respectively two indicators of balance representing two birds. On the top surface of the base, on the two sides, they are represented as a star and a crown. This instrument comes with a wooden weight set which is incomplete and contains only six weights.

Use: This is used for the purpose of measuring and/or as an example of simple machine.

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