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Number in the past inventory 2841

Number in the current inventory 25


Age: beginning of the twentieth century

Creator: /

Materials: Wood, iron, brass

Size: (300 x 300) mm

State of conservation: Excellent

Information: From the information contained in the old inventory register, found in the school, the instrument is said to have been added to the inventory with the number 2841 on 26th June 1928 priced at 450 liras.

Description: The instrument is made of two wooden bars 11 mm thick, stuck at right angles. Its free extremities are sectioned at 45 degrees and support the instrument on a level surface. Between the two bars there is a wooden arc of circumference, on which brass graduated scales are screwed, with zero in the centre, from 30 degrees to +30 degrees, divided into sections of 2 degrees. Along the junction line of the two bars a screw has been inserted, around which a brass coupling can freely rotate. A pendulum is welded to the brass coupling. The pendulum is made up by a small iron rod 148 mm long and a brass disc of Ø 38 mm and 5 mm thick.

Use: It is used to identify a horizontal direction or to check the horizontal position of a line: the position of the plumbline against the point in the middle of the arc of circumference measures the difference as regards the horizontal direction.

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