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Number in the past inventory 3072

Number in the current inventory 301


Age: beginning of the twentieth century

Creator: /

Materials: Brass, wood and glass

Size: (80 X 1160 X 22) mm

State of conservation: Good

Information: From the information contained in the old inventory register, found in the school, the instrument is said to have been added to the inventory with the number 3072 on 10th March 1924 priced at 600 liras.

Description: A U-shaped glass tube with unequal arms is fixed with brass clamps on a wooden rectangular support. The shorter side is closed at the end, the long side ends with a cylinder of larger radius. At the side of the tube there is a metric scale written with ink. On its short side these words are written: “Atmosphären = Druch Volumen –Luft nach Atmosphären- Druch”. There also two symmetrically graduated scales.

Use: Mercury is poured into the tube so that initially the level corresponds to the zero line marked on the scales. In the closed side a certain volume of air at atmospheric pressure will remain confined. Adding the mercury in order to reduce in half the volume of the air the difference in height between the two branches is measured and this will be equal to 76cm. That means that doubling the pressure the volume will be reduced by a half.

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