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Number in the past inventory 2915

Number in the current inventory 107


Age: beginning of the twentieth century

Creator: /

Materials: Brass, copper, cast iron, iron

Size: (140 x 140 x 190) mm

State of preservation: Good

Information: From the information contained in the old inventory register, found in the school, the instrument is said to have been added to the inventory with the number 2915 on 26th June 1928 priced at 810 liras.

Description: A curved rod, attached to a tripod, holds an anchor to which it is possible to suspend a pendulum made up of five bars fixed at their ends to small brass bars and of a disk. The bars placed in an even number position are made of metal and are of a different length unlike the ones placed in an odd number position.

Use: It is a compensation pendulum to compensate the period variations depending on the temperature. With the increasing of the temperature the pendulum made up of only one bar gets longer and his oscillation period increases. The compensation device is designed and constituted in such a way that the lengthening of the bars placed in the odd number positions lowers the GC, while the lengthening of those placed in the even number positions raises it, so that the distance of the GC from the suspension axis remains constant, ensuring the invariance of the period as regards the temperature.

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